Portable Receiver

Designed for fast and automatic collection of
Protrac iD Asset Tag IDs.

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Portable Receiver : 2R3300

The 2R3300 Portable Receiver is designed for fast and automatic collection of Protrac iD Asset Tag ID’s. It can also be used as a tool for risk management in areas such as guard tours and cleaner routes in commercial buildings and shopping centres.

The Portable Receiver is small in size with rechargeable batteries lasting in excess of 24 hours per charge. It can store over 3000 arrival and departure transactions per tour. Data is automatically uploaded to the central control software when docked. Docked Receiver automatically recharges ready for the next tour.


  • In excess of 24 hours of battery life per charge
  • Records first seen, last seen, of every tag ID received
  • Records the arrival and departure for each tag
  • Stores over 3000 arrival/departure transactions for each tour
  • Auto upload data at the end of each shift when placed in charging dock
  • Flashing power LED for ‘battery low’ indication
  • Flashing tag received LED indication
  • Manual power ‘On’ switch
  • Auto power ‘Off’ after download complete and then battery recharge in docking station
  • Small in size, ready to use with belt pack