Real Time Locating System (RTLS) that keeps track in real time the current location of Protrac ID RFID tags.

Asset Tracking, Inventory Tracking, Patient Tracking & Call, Personnel Tracking & Accountability…Protroc iD makes the job easy

Protrac ID RFID tags are low cost limited range “passive” tags or Long range “active” tags. Each RFID tag is associated with an asset or person. Tags attached to assets are selected depending on the type of asset, its material and size, its environment, tracking (reading) distance required, and quantity. They can be either active or passive type. Tags worn by people are generally of the active type.

Protrac ID Passive tags are affixed as labels to containers and assets and are read using handheld scanners or automatically by “portal” reader systems. Passive tags are only detected when in close proximity to a reader and must also be orientated correctly to the reader. For these reasons they have limited application for automatic tracking.

In contrast Protrac ID Active tags are ideal for automatic tracking. Active tags also have additional facilities for security and environmental monitoring.

AssetTrac reader network

Reader and antenna placements are arranged to detect movement of tags from zone to zone and provide input for RTLS, environmental or security monitoring as required.

Readers are selected for required network connectivity. Common networks are TCP/IP, RS422 LAN and combinations of RS422 LAN and TCP/IP gateways.

Readers for active and passive tag types are interconnected on the same network.

Hand held portable readers are also employed for passive tags. These generally communicate by Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth or GPRS.

Data collection

AssetTrac software is used as middleware (an interface to third party software) or as the customer interface.

AssetTrac utilises the Microsoft SQL data platform and is ideal for seamless integration into third party systems with Web Server software or serial or TAP interface.

When AssetTrac is directly used as the customer interface a Graphical screen provides a real time display of all tags in each zone.

A Database is maintained for all tags and associated assets or people.

Reports for asset/people movement history with selectable requirements are generated on demand.