Employee Tracking – TourTrac Cleaner tracking

Cleaner/Maintenance Tour Rotation Compliance Recording & Alert and Guard Tour Recording.

Protrac iD offers solutions to Occupational Health and Safety and Proof of Performance

Insurance companies demand hard evidence of rigid compliance with cleaning and security schedules and this is where Protrac iD Active Long Range products provide a new solution that will stand up in court.

Manual check-in points have long been used in security and cleaning route surveillance, all requiring the operative to touch or sign a checkpoint, this unfortunately can leave room for human error.

Protrac iD’s new patrol check-in system not only eliminates any human error, but also records if the work has actually been performed, as the mere presence of the cleaner or security guard is automatically recorded at each checkpoint hands free and data is automatically downloaded at the end of each shift.

Tracking patrols, tours and attendance rotations

Cleaning, maintenance and security staff are tracked and recorded to provide accurate feedback and reporting of their attendance at particular locations and the time spent at each location.

Specific patrols, tours and attendance rotations can be created to ensure staff safety and schedules are adhered to.

Tags including the duress and man down features can further ensure rapid assistance is deployed in an emergency situation.