Protrac iD Products and Solutions make RFID easy

Protrac iD is an Australian Company who initiated the development and manufacture of active ultra long-range RFID and wireless products in Australia in 2000.

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Active RFID has unlimited applications

Our products are used for:

  • identifying and tracking vehicles, assets and people
  • controlling access through gates and doorways
  • monitoring temperature of chilled/frozen/hot food during transport and in storage.

Long range RFID and Active RFID is used extensively in Occupational Health and Safety applications and recorded data can confirm that OH&S and contractual obligations have been met.

Active RFID tracking operation is simple

Attached to any asset or vehicle, or worn on the person, a battery-powered tag transmits a constant radio signal to the set-up fixed receiver at any point in its path. This makes it possible to record each tag passing each point, 24 hours/7 days a week.

Long life active RFID

Protrac iD transmitter tags are powered by an internal battery and are designed to transmit a signal repeatedly over a period of up to 8 years depending on environment and options of tamper sensors, motion sensors or alarm features – hence the term long life active RFID.

Whatever the asset, Protrac iD tags can be attached

The tags can be fixed either permanently or temporarily to all types of vehicles, assets, inventory and check points or carried by people, these tags can be recorded from up to 50 metres (150 feet) away with the Protrac iD readers. Protrac iD readers are capable of monitoring large numbers of tags simultaneously.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at any time by using our contact page, or clicking here.

Protrac iD Readers will track every asset

The fixed or portable readers are manufactured by Protrac iD and can be installed in virtually any location including:

  • doorways
  • trucks
  • weighbridges
  • transport depots
  • warehouses
  • underground mines
  • hospitals
  • fridges/ freezers