Protrac iD Solutions

The potential for Protrac iD RFID System Solutions is defined by the needs of the end users, not by the limitations of the equipment.

Protrac iD supplies RFID products and solutions worldwide

There are a few other companies offering long range active RFID tagging solutions, but every component Protrac iD supplies is designed and manufactured by Protrac iD engineers and deployed with the benefit of our own personal experience in system design and software integration.

Protrac iD also have in depth experience in the seamless integration of RFID data with your IT control and data capturing systems – whether it be an onboard computer on a truck or a complex hospital management and billing system. Integration is the final value-add and Protrac iD take it seriously.

The quality of Protrac iD system products give us the licence to claim market leadership in long range, active RFID. It is with our experience in deployment, our willingness to be innovative in developing new configurations and our ability to work with a customer’s IT Department and software developers to deliver seamless integration that give us our leading edge.

Innovative deployment and software integration solutions result in ground breaking new applications on a regular basis.