Protrac iD RFID Technology

Protrac iD is one of the leading RFID technology companies in healthcare, agriculture and other industries.
Active RFID technology applications include product tracking systems for location of high value items and equipment, as well as door access, security monitoring and many more applications.

Protrac iD RFID Tags

The latest RFID technology built into tags with tamper, motion and vibration sensors and duress alarm buttons creates a multitude of uses for intelligent monitoring and control. For example, attaching a tag to a vehicle as soon as it rolls off the assembly line and tracking it from the distribution point to the dealer showroom, means that continuous location, stock level, and financial data, can be recorded up to the time it is sold.

RFID Tags can be attached to high value objects such as museum artworks, hospital medical equipment, IT equipment and even people. For example, tags carried by staff can be monitored by an RFID system linked to a central security system to sound an alarm for monitored events such as tamper, vibration, patient wandering and safety, staff duress, etc. and can even ‘deny exit’ if activated. This same RFID technology can facilitate the location of portable and shared equipment for tracking, work flow and inventory management on sites such as hospitals and universities.

A product tracking system using RFID technology works by means of tags attached to the high value equipment deployed throughout a network, for example a mobile phone network. This active RFID based tracking system allows for the centralised real time actual inventory of equipment at each location. RFID wristband technology worn by employees or carried as access cards allow authorised access to each site by means of a smart door access system to provide automatic identification for every maintenance visit. Together with product tracking tags, this allows the system to record exactly what equipment is repaired, removed, relocated, etc., when and by whom.

RFID Tags attached to semi-trailers are monitored by a reader connected to the prime mover’s GPS/GSM system to provide the identity of the trailer, or trailers, being towed. Alternatively, the RFID reader can simultaneously identify hundreds of individually tagged high value objects transported by a single semi trailer. Active RFID tags fitted with temperature sensors provide the temperature of refrigerated loads in real time.

Readers attached to weighbridges report the identity of a truck being weighed for applications such as mining, recycling, waste management and infrastructure development

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Protrac iD RFID Receivers

Receivers plug directly into almost any access control system using the international standard Wiegand, or can connect to third party systems.

Protrac iD readers continuously monitor all compatible RFID tags within its adjustable range of 1 Centimetre to over 50 metres*.

The readers are small, consume very little power and do not emit any radiation and adjacent readers do not interfere with each other.

The 2R2000 Series Multi-Function Readers will report any tag it reads:

  • via the Wiegand port (connects as any access control reader)
  • OR via the ASCII RS232 port (any industry standard application)
  • AND via the RS422 port

Interconnect many readers on a Local Area Network (LAN) using Protrac iD AssetTrac, or Protrac iD partner software

  • Individual access control reader AND network connected reader at the same time. Avoids complex interfaces between RFID and Access control software applications
  • Alternatively interface to any application using a Protrac iD Gateway or develop new software using a Protrac iD Software Development Kit

The detection range is changed by software control and a wide range of readers ensures that the readers either “plug and play” or interface easily to suit any application.

*Depends on antenna, environment and positioning. Directional antennas can extend this range to over 500 metres.

Protrac iD RFID Antennas

Access control, vehicle yard management, parking control systems, container monitoring, and most tracking and positioning solutions.

Protrac iD antennas are ideal for access control, vehicle yard management, parking control systems, container monitoring, and most tracking and positioning solutions.

Patch antennas are suitable for concealed mounting within partition dry wall construction, above acoustic ceiling tiles, behind wood panelling, glass or any other non-RF shielding materials.

Whip antennas are typically used for 24/7 monitoring of tag signals such as heart beat, duress alarm, tamper alarm, motion/vibration alarm and tag temperature over large areas.