RFID Systems and Applications for RFID in Australia

Protrac iD RFID Systems & Applications:
Asset Tracking
Patient Wandering Alert
Duress Alarm
Access Control
Temperature Monitoring
Collision Alert
Maintenance & Security Tracking
Custom RFID Solutions

Protrac iD is an Australian company that designs, develops and manufactures Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, systems. The company has been finding solutions and applications for RFID in Australia for more than 20 years. Protrac iD initiated the development and manufacture of active ultra long-range RFID and wireless products in Australia in 2000.

The accuracy, flexibility and certainty of this technology lends itself to tracking and monitoring systems, including custom system developments of applications for RFID. Embedded in tags that can be affixed to articles, RFID technology allows identification of these tags by means of mobile or strategically placed readers, up to 50 metres away. Tags attached to assets are selected according to the type of asset, its size, material and environment, as well as the tracking distance required and quantity of information to be gathered. RFID tags can also be deployed as key fob systems, sensors, cards, stickers, RFID backpacks and labels.

Protrac iD RFID Real Time Locating Systems are able to use active or passive tags, according to requirements. Passive tags are low cost, limited range tags, whereas active tags are for long range use and also recording and transmission of additional information. Certain key functions can only be performed by an active RFID tag. When the tag is associated with an asset or person, data can be gathered on the exact location, environment and status, 24/7. Tags worn by people are generally of the active type.

This latest technology built into tags by Protrac iD includes tamper, motion and vibration sensors as well as duress alarm buttons, creating a multitude of uses for intelligent monitoring and control as well as RFID security applications. For example, attaching a tag to a vehicle as soon as it rolls off the assembly line and tracking it from the distribution point to the dealer showroom, means that continuous asset location, stock levels and financial data can be collected, recorded and analysed by the vehicle manufacturer up to the time the vehicle is sold.

RFID Asset tracking and real time locating systems

Real Time Locating Systems, or RTLS, which incorporate the use of RFID technology include asset tracking, inventory tracking, patient tracking & call, employee tracking and emergency evacuation, personnel tracking and accountability as well as countless other custom tracking applications. The common function of all systems, whether for people or items, is to keep track of the asset’s exact location in real time.

Protrac iD makes tracking and accountability easy using passive or active RFID tags which are affixed as labels to containers and assets, or worn as mobile pendants, lanyards or wristbands. They are read using hand held scanners or automatically by portal reader systems. Passive tags have limited application for automatic tracking since they are only detected when in close proximity to the reader and must also be orientated correctly to the reader. In contrast, Protrac iD’s Real Time Locating System active tags are ideal for automatic tracking, with the additional benefit of having the facility to monitor the environment and security.

RFID Asset Tracking Tags can be attached to high value objects such as museum artworks, hospital medical equipment, IT equipment and even people. For example, tags carried by staff can be monitored by an RFID system linked to a central security system to sound an alarm for monitored events such as tamper, vibration, patient wandering and safety, staff duress, etc. These same tags can even be used for access control, having the ability to effectively deny exit if activated to do so. This same RFID technology can facilitate the location of portable and shared equipment for tracking, work flow and inventory management on sites such as hospitals and universities.

This same technology that can collect centralised data on items can be used to generate a real time actual inventory of equipment at each location. RFID wristband technology worn by employees or carried as access cards can allow authorised access to sites by means of a smart door access system. The tag is used to provide automatic identification for the wearer for every visit or maintenance session. Together with product tracking tags, this allows the system to record exactly what equipment is repaired, removed, relocated, etc., with the further data of when exactly this happened and who was in attendance.

In typical transport industry applications, RFID Tags could be attached to semi-trailers and monitored by a reader connected to the prime mover’s GPS/GSM system. This would provide the identity of the trailer, or trailers, being towed. Alternatively, the RFID reader could simultaneously identify hundreds of individually tagged high value objects that are being transported by a single semi-trailer. Active RFID tags fitted with temperature sensors are able to provide the temperature of refrigerated loads in real time.

Readers attached to weighbridges can report the identity of a truck being weighed for applications such as mining, recycling, waste management and infrastructure development. These are just some of many examples of the use of RFID systems with industrial processes and heavy equipment.

In other applications, on the personal side, active RFID tags can be incorporated into staff badges and lanyards to monitor the movement of personnel around a facility, for visitor activity and as a conference RFID attendance system.

RFID Asset Tracking

Patient and Resident Wandering Alarm System

Patient wandering alert systems

One of the most important applications of RFID technology is the use of tags in patient wandering alert systems or patient fall systems.

The Protrac iD Patient Wandering Alert System is simple and easy to install and use. By attaching a bracelet tag, that is only the size of a regular wristwatch, to a standard hospital ID strap, the patient’s movements are continually monitored by the RFID tagging system. Some or all patients can be monitored in order to create an alert when one of them is wandering or has fallen.

This system offers a unique adjustable range detection and an alarm that can be sounded when a patient enters a zone that has been defined as unsafe. This system can also be used outdoors to monitor courtyards, etc.

Protrac iD have designed and developed the best tracking device for dementia patients, providing alerts and information to management and carers in order to protect the patient. The system is also used by hospitals, care homes and other facilities where the whereabouts of people are needed to be known and regulated.

Duress alarm systems

Protrac iD has developed a 5-in-1 duress alarm system that combines an ID badge, access control card and a personnel duress alarm. RFID technology is used in a portable duress pendant that can send an alarm call when in a threatening situation. The mobile panic button can be used to notify the necessary parties of personal or medical duress, allowing a prompt and appropriate response.

Designers, developers and manufacturers of duress alarms for Australia, Protrac iD provide wireless RFID monitoring systems that are safe and popular for nurse and personnel protection. This application is ideal for all types of staff in the event of duress in a hospital, aged care, care home or other healthcare institution. The RFID security system is customised to the specific premises, with the addition of zones and access capabilities, if required. A complete software interface is provided for monitoring and reporting.

Duress Alarm System

BabyGuard Systems

The Protrac iD BabyGuard™ Security Tag System is a specially designed RFID tagging system that provides security monitoring of a baby or child in the maternity or children’s ward of a hospital or facility. Implementation of this simple, safe system provides peace of mind for both mother and staff.

The BabyGuard™ Security Tag System triggers an alarm if the baby or child is taken from a monitored area within the maternity or paediatric wards or facility without their mother. The system also sends out an alarm if the tag is removed from the baby or child by an unauthorised person. Used all over Australia, the unobtrusive BabyGuard™ Security Tag protects the most vulnerable, monitoring them 24/7 to ensure their safety at all times.

Long range access control systems

Protrac iD manufacture RFID personnel tags that can be used to provide hands free entry and exit to secure premises. They are especially useful for automatic vehicle identification to allow or deny vehicle access into defined areas for the logistic and transport industries.

The active RFID tags are compatible with any access control system and can also accept standard photo ID labels where personal ID is required. A Protrac iD RFID tracking system can be expanded to have multiple additional, optional functions, including identification and location of personnel, qualified entry to sensitive areas and an integrated smart card chip for high security entry to sensitive areas.

Protrac iD provides a smart, affordable way to implement Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) real time location tracking in any facility. Active RFID based system technology brings a new level of reliability and simplicity to Automatic Vehicle Identification access control. The real time location of each vehicle within the facility can be identified and recorded, regardless of the size or profile of the vehicle.

RFID is excellent for all kinds of entry systems applications: lockers, checkpoints, locked or secure areas, door entry, parking systems, gate entry and opening and electronic key management systems.

Temptrac wireless temperature monitoring systems

For both internal and external temperature monitoring, Protrac iD provides reliable, scalable and traceable recording through a wireless system, TempTrac. This innovative industrial networked software monitoring solution is ideal for warehouses, hospitals, food and beverage and cool store facilities.

The TempTrac system comprises a complete line of wireless, ethernet switching and network based management products that can deliver an infrastructure for the monitoring of critical assets. It is flexible, productive, safe and easy to manage.

TempTrac solutions are used in a variety of applications in fresh food storage facilities, hospital refrigerators for drugs, blood, specimen samples, retail outlets and the cold supply chain. The RFID management system allows for upper and lower temperature limits to be set in each monitored zone, with automatic detection and registering of any violations.

Protrac iD’s custom built software is installed on the client’s server or VPN and can be backed up in multiple places to allow the business to run smoothly and with confidence. Vital, digitally signed, tamper proof data is available for audits, analysis and to support corporate best practices.

Industrial vehicle and pedestrian collision alert systems

Protrac iD have designed an RFID base system solution for forklift, machinery and pedestrian alert systems that reduces the risk of incidents and improves safety in the workplace. This can help to prevent major tragic incidents and minor accidents in the workplace.

Most safety products available for this purpose depend on pedestrians being alerted to the machinery’s operation, for example using flashing lights and painted safe walk zones. This puts the onus and responsibility solely on pedestrians. The technicians at Protrac iD, developed a forklift safety systems that double safeguards both pedestrians and operators, providing a very practical and sensible RFID solution that shares the safety responsibility between the parties.

The Protrac Id Forklift Safety Systems safeguards forklift operators whilst allowing them to give their full attention to the task at hand. This is achieved by means of a compact, washable and weatherproof RFID tag which is incorporated or sewn into any type of personal visibility vest or site protection apparel. The tag is detected by each forklift truck within the adjustable detection field around the vehicle. A warning sounder and flashing light alerts the operator of the forklift when a pedestrian is nearby. The Protrac iD software enables management to adjust detection range settings to suit site requirements.

Implementation of this smart RFID solution shares the responsibility of accident prevention between forklift operators and pedestrians, encourages good management and responsible business practices that can prevent injury and save lives.

Forklift safety

Custom solutions for unique problems and situations

Since Protrac iD are designers, developers and manufacturers of RFID technology products and systems, custom solutions can be devised for complex or irregular applications. Existing RFID systems can be adapted, or new products developed to solve a problem or meet a requirement. Comprehensive solutions can be supplied that are usually relatively inexpensive and can integrate or interface with existing systems for financial, maintenance, security and asset management. Protrac iD has designed low cost RFID applications in supply chain management, the military, for healthcare, supermarkets and libraries, as well as other retail and automotive RFID applications.

Common applications for industrial RFID systems include:

  • inventory, product and material tracking
  • pallet tracking and warehouse operation
  • security and alarm systems
  • retail security
  • fuel management
  • as well as many other general RFID automation systems.

RFID is often installed as complimentary technology to other technology including GSM and GPS systems. Protrac iD RFID tags are worn or strategically placed, together with antennae and receivers as necessary as well as zone limiters and alarms. Installation of RFID systems is fast and easy, with little or no building work or cabling required, and a software interface is included for system management and reporting. Monitoring and payment applications include vehicle tracking and locator systems, indoor tracking, payment systems, automatic bus ticketing and systems for libraries. Another common application for RFID is timing, for example time clock and timing systems for personnel monitoring, events and races, etc.

Wherever non-contact or concealed identification, tracking or monitoring is required, RFID tags, sensors and receivers can be used to great advantage. Protrac iD can help with custom design of bespoke systems that save the end user time and money.

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