Duress Alarm System

Protrac iD’s Duress Alarm System combines an ID badge, access control card and a duress button all in one tag.

Control access, security and safety with the 5-in-1 Duress Alarm System Tag.

The Protrac iD 5-in-1 Duress Alarm System and Duress Tag, combines an ID badge, access control card and a nurse/personnel duress button, enabling the nurse or personnel to send a duress call if distressed or threatened.

Duress Alarm SystemRFID technology is used in a portable duress pendant to create a mobile panic button that enables the nurse or personnel to send an alarm call when in a threatening situation.

The alarm call notifies the necessary parties of personal or medical duress. This allows a prompt and appropriate response to be made according to the circumstances. This specific application will open ‘staff-only’ locked doors and can override the patient wandering bracelet tag when a patient is accompanied by a nurse.

This application of ID, access control, and security, is ideal for all types of staff in the event of duress in a hospital, aged care, care home or other healthcare institution.

Designing, developing and manufacturing duress alarms for Australia, Protrac iD are highly respected in the industry for providing wireless systems for nurse duress and personnel protection.

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