Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems

Reliable, scalable and traceable temperature monitoring.


Protrac iD TempTrac offers an innovative industrial networked software monitoring solution for warehouses, hospitals, food and beverage and cool store facilities.

Our complete line of wireless, Ethernet switching and network based management products deliver an infrastructure for your critical assets that is exible, productive, safe and easily managed.

TempTrac solutions are used in a variety of applications in fresh food storage facilities, hospital refrigerators for drugs, blood, specimen samples, retail outlets and the cold supply chain.

Custom built software for the food and cold store industry

Protrac iD Software hosted on your server/VPN which can be backed up in multiple places means business as usual. The importance of digitally signed tamper proof data for audits cannot be overlooked.

Once Zone and Tag upper and lower level limits are set up, each tag in every zone is displayed. The system will automatically detect and register any temperature violations.

With the overwhelming complexity of assuring product integrity across the distribution chain, Protrac iD brings to the Cold Chain industry TempTrac – an innovative RFID wireless based remote monitoring technology that can support corporate best practices and fits into your cost-benefit analysis.