Dementia Tracking Alert System

The best tracking device for dementia patients, designed and developed by Protrac iD.
Uses a wristwatch sized bracelet tag, attached to a standard hospital ID strap.

Monitor some or all of your patients using a Protrac iD dementia tracking device to be alerted when one of them is wandering.

The Protrac iD Patient Wandering Alert System is a simple and easy to use application that can assist with the management of dementia. By attaching a dementia bracelet tag, which is the size of a wristwatch, to a standard hospital ID strap, the patient’s movements are continually monitored. This tracking and identity dementia bracelet works to protect the patient and assist in providing location updates to management and carers.

Designed and manufactured by Protrac iD, Australia, dementia tracking devices utilise RFID technology to implement anti-wandering measures.

The Protrac iD dementia wandering bracelet is easy to install and unobtrusive to wear. Offering unique adjustable range detection, the system will cause an alarm to sound when a patient enters a defined ‘unsafe’ zone. A central monitoring system receives the signal from the dementia bracelet that triggers the alarm to alert the relevant staff to the movements of the wearer.

Dementia tracking can also be used outdoors to monitor courtyards, etc. The patient tracking software is easy to install and use. Perimeter monitoring and door switches are implemented to define safe zones and every installation is fully customised to the layout and requirements of your specific application.

Gain the peace of mind that comes from a well designed activity monitoring system, completely customised to your premises. Know when you have a wandering resident or roaming dementia patient by means of location updates, alerts and alarms.

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