RFID Bracelet Tag

The Protrac iD 2T7000 RFID Bracelet tag is an Ultra Long Range RFID bracelet tracking tag used in PatientTrac, MediTrac and other Occupational Health and Safety applications.

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2T7000 RFID Bracelet Tag

The 2T7000 is attached to a person’s wrist or ankle using a standard hospital issue ID strap. Tags can be chemically sterilized, and worn in a shower, bath or pool.

Tags are monitored 24/7 and tracked for security and OH&S or simply detected when a person approaches certain points or areas, as with patients “wandering” from safe areas or approaching exits.


  • Attached to a person’s wrist or ankle using a standard hospital ID strap
  • Continuously monitored and tracked, or used to detect when the wearer approaches monitored designated areas
  • Tags can be chemically sterilized
  • Tags constantly transmit a unique identifying heartbeat signal
  • Reduces supervision required for OHS and security procedures
  • Long life battery technology
  • High impact resistant UV stabilized PVC case ultrasonically welded and sealed
  • Suitable for wearing in a shower, bath or pool
  • 40cm-50 metre range set by receiver depending on application
  • Optional 26-bit Wiegand coding for use in access control systems
  • Compatible with all Protrac iD applications including MineTrac, MediTrac, LogiTrac, SecurityTrac, PatientTrac, and access control and time & attendance systems